Weave the world with music

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Weave the world with music

人生を旅と捉えると、人は目標を達成するために、 また、夢をかなえるために、
その事柄と経過を楽しみ、 新たな発見や驚き、インスピレーションを大切にし、
Weave the world with music.

The countries and cities you pass through on the way to your trip's destination.

By slowing down and taking the time to really look at these countries and

cities as you pass by, you may find yourself coming across new discoveries, surprises, and cultures which can only be found in those locations.

By thinking of life as a trip, we can say that each of us goes through various experiences on the way as we aim to accomplish a certain goal or bring a certain dream to fruition and reach our final destinations.

However, we believe that it is important to not rush to reach our final destination but rather to enjoy those experiences and transitions to be had along the way, holding dear the new discoveries, surprises, and inspirations that come with them, and to gather them as they come and expand upon them.

You may find that this leads you to a different destination than you had originally planned. Even so, the new experiences and chance meetings which come from these experiences make up the true spice of life, and we believe that expanding upon these things is what leads to the birth of new cultures and movements.

The chance meetings and music which come up along the way as we take part in these activities.

Weave the world with music.

TRANSIST holds dear these meetings and inspirations,

weaves the world with music, expands upon these things, and goes on to transmit them to the world.